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Evolution of Marketing During the Last Decade in India

Marketing has evolved rapidly with the technological growth that has occurred throughout the 21st century. The advancement in technology has led to the evolution of different marketing methodologies. The canvas has changed from paper printing to digital marketing that uses Computer Software, the Internet, Social Media, Mobile Apps, Television and Radio advertisements, and much more. The Scenario in the Past Ten Years In the past decade, people had limited choices of a few websites when they needed to look for a product and make an informed decision. In the past, companies had the reason and power to convince customers regarding purchases. At that time, talking directly to the company was considered a logical step in making a purchase. Traditional strategies like cold e-mails, cold calls, trade shows, and snail mails impacted the marketing scenario back then. The Scenario Today Today marketing battle zone in India is undergoing rapid changes and transformation. Globalization is
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How Online Furniture Business is Growing?

Image Source- The expansion of E-commerce has genuinely revolutionized the way we buy things. In this 200 billion dollars empire, the Online Furniture Business is proliferating with Indian players competing against global giants in a novel way. The growth of the e-commerce industry has now stepped up into a fast pace with growth rates surging across the charts. From tins to telescopes, the e-commerce industry has boldly made its presence felt in every nook and corner of the consumer product space. So, let's look at what the Online Furniture Business has in sleeves to stand out from the other saleable. Online Furniture Business: The Advent of the Revolution The e-commerce revolution has reached out to millions of people across the nation, garnering support across all age groups. People find it hard to go outdoor to buy stuff; some may feel it is a waste of time, rather than spending the time to travel to places to get gadgets and apparel; people are now magnetizing

Coworking Spaces- Reinventing the Office and Living Concept

Co-working (Image Source- Wikipedia) The concept of Coworking Spaces is no more an unknown trend across the globe. It encourages its four values commonly known as "sustainability, collaboration, openness, and community ." The mesmerizing details by Emily Wright dig a little deeper.  Co-living is a "Cooperative" initiation, a unique way of sharing housing to give life a purpose. In a nutshell, it's a modern way of welcoming openness, collaboration, and sharing of an economy. Call it Coworking Spaces, Cohousing, a modern nomad or intentional living, all are same. This beautiful video from CNBC explains why Coworking Spaces is really the future. The Requirement The basic needs of employment and earning, binds you to travel and stay frequently. It sometimes put a substantial burden on your pockets. Co-living is a new idea which caters for all essential amenities at an affordable price and guess what? Without becoming a permanent resident of that house.

Demystifying Blockchain: The Science Behind the Technology

Image Source- You may have heard the terms’ Cryptocurrency’, ‘Bitcoin’ and ‘Blockchain’ and shrug them off as geek speak. However, you might not be aware that these terms are soon going to affect your daily life. Blockchain as a technological advance has the power to disrupt and transform scores of application areas such as Social Media, Healthcare, Financial Services, Real Estate, Digital Advertising, Global Logistics, Supply Chain and innumerable others. Let us take the example of the leading digital currency in the market nowadays and probably the first cryptocurrency disrupting the financial services sector worldwide, the Bitcoin. How is blockchain associated with Bitcoin? Well, it is the technology behind the cryptocurrency. Yes, Bitcoin’s smooth transactions and security for its users (peers) are realized by the technology called blockchain. If you hold the cards in technology, you are already familiar with blockchain. However, there are still many people out th

How Yoga can Help You Improve at Gym?

Image Source- With recognizing India as an emergent superpower, the world has taken due cognizance of the power of yoga, the ancient form of exercise in India. Yoga has become a religion worldwide and its effects have been given values all over the world. If you still don't practise yoga and do gym thinking what could be the possible health benefits of it then let us take a look at how yoga can help you in your gym sessions. Relaxing Your Mind Image Source- While you are at the gym, the mirrors there can sometimes make you feel a little depressed if you failed to lift the desired weight or see others doing better than you. Yoga can help in controlling your spirit and mind. Yoga can make you feel relax and help you to overcome depression as no mirrors will be around you. You don't need to care about how others are doing and can explore all the movements of your body with every breath allowing you to lift yourself more with a relaxed mind.

Pretty Secrets About Types of Bra

When it comes to woman beauty, the bust is one major asset that enhances it. Proper nourishment and suiting inner wear helps in giving a confident look. Many times choosing a bra is more important than an outfit. Any outfit loses its grace if not coupled with a perfect bra underneath. A brassiere as is the full form is not a cloth but also responsible for the body elegance and charm with which a woman carries herself in public. The right kind of bra is not only essential for outer appearance but also has a drastic effect on the health, shape, and size of the breasts. Nowadays, a variety of bras are available in the market, differing in styles, fabric, and bras. This article enlists a few general tips on the crucial concerns woman faces while choosing the right type of bra. The Types of Bra Padded Bra Image Source- This kind suits all the breast sizes and matches any attire. It is the real saviour for women with smaller boobs by adding volume to breasts. The dif

Understanding Blockchain: Is It a Significant Shift in Technology?

Image The maintenance of ledgers has a history that dates back to the age of the Renaissance. The IT industry has revolutionized the business world by automating the business process. But it has not made any changes to the underlying business structure. Recently it has shown a tremendous expansion in a newly evolving technology called Blockchain . Blockchain: The Scope Blockchain is a decentralized and distributed ledger technology . It allows payments in bitcoins to flow through an economy.  In fact, it is not only limited to the finance and banking sector. It is a distributed database. It means that people who do not know each other or trust each other create a record of facts, accepted by all. The technology thus opens the door to a new world where self-enforcing smart contracts replace rules and regulations of the state. This article explains the science behind the technology . How is Blockchain implemented? The sender initiates the transaction th